Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Memento - Mindblowing!

Watched this amazing movie over the weekend – Memento.
It’s the original movie on which ‘Ghajini’ is based on….
It’s been 3 days since I finished watching the movie and I still can’t get over it….
It’s just so good! The storyline, plot, the way it’s been shot, and the acting!! All just brilliant!
It’s so so so so much better than the remakes…!
Do not miss this one… it’s a little complicated to understand but worth it all the same!
Brilliant – Mind-blowing – Fantastic is all that I can say..!!
What a movie!


  1. Its in my miss-list. And so is Kaaka-Kaaka. I managed to clear up one entry in the miss-list (Boys) from a totally unexpected Geography. (onsite poyathinte ahankaaram ithu vare maariyitilla.. Saaramilla..joli therikkumbo maarikolum :-s)

  2. @ Rat--> Don't miss this one! Seriously! :) also watch this other one called SA-RO-JA if you have not..! its another good one..!


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