Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hold my hand and never let it go....

What is this feeling that courses through me…

When the phone does not ring at the expected time,
when I know I am about to talk to you,
when I see your number flashing on my phone,
when I see your eyes seek me out in the crowd,
when you put your hands around my shoulder,
when you hold me in a tight hug,
when my small palm fits into your broad hand,
when my head rests against your shoulder when we sit together,
when you title me with sweet endearments when we talk,
when you are concerned and patient to talk me through my anxiety and anger,
when you stay up even after midnight so that you can talk to me and tell me unfailingly how much you love me,
when my face perks up with a foolish, silly grin when you mollycoddle me and give into my demands,
when you smile and my heart jumps up two notches,
when you smile in that impish way of yours and the dimple lights up your cheeks…

I could go on and on and it would be never-ending…

I have never realized the true meaning of the word.
I have never known when I was in love; or whether I was in love.
I had always ascribed it to a feeling of comfort or a sense of belonging, stopping just at that.
Now I have many more attributes to credit it to, thanks to you….

I think all I want to say now is that…



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