Friday, January 2, 2009

The New Year is here!!!

The first post after New Year.

New Years this time was a family affair. It was Kalyan’s family and me and Lokesh. Well, nothing like last year’s bash … last year’s haul was seriously good…

My boss took me shopping for his family saying he wanted to get them New Year’s gifts and took me to this watch shop. Overtime and on top of that shopping… Eurgh! I chose the most expensive watches there as revenge… he was not bothered. I chose a very beautiful silver raga watch for his “cousin sister” and imagine my surprise (!!) when he gifted it to me..! :P… Loved it..!

And Kalyan’s revenge on me and his wife for throwing him a surprise birthday bash was brillianto! I got a nice HUGE and I mean HUGE teddy bear from him..! It was almost as big as me… and the party was just too good!

This time though it was a lot less subdued… we just ended up talking and cracking stupid jokes at people..! But I made a smashing carrot salad which was I must say SLURP!! We burst crackers at 12… wished everyone at 12… called up other friends like crazy… and basically had a gr8 time… me and loku danced and there’s a nice video of it..! :P… came back home dead tired at 2 in the morning.. Crashed and then got up on New Year’s Day at 11. ‘T was FUN!
I liked this New Year’s too..! Not like last year but a lot better than I expected…! :-)

I so desperately wanted the last year to get over and was eagerly waiting for the NEW YEAR. Well.. Till now I dunno why… but I still expect it to be a lot better than last year again!
There are some things that I have targeted for the next few months which I so badly want to finish… some of them easy; some of them tough….

Let’s see…!!

And till then…

Wishing you all a Happy and Prosperous 2009….
Have fun! Live for the moment and have a blast!

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