Wednesday, December 5, 2012

2012 - Enough already!!!

“2012 !!! Seriously enough already !!! You have been pretty lousy so far and its only getting worse !! Kindly get the hell outta here !!!!”

This was my FB status a while back!!

And I mean it!!

I also noticed that it’s not just me who feels this way considering the response to the same :-P

2012 has been one of the lousiest years I have ever seen. If I ever wanted to make a list saying “top lousiest years in my life” 2012 would be top of that list … Seriously!

I am sick of this year. I am sick of counting the weeks, days, hours left to get this damn year out of my life!!! And it would precisely be the icing on the cake if this was the year the world was doomed to end!

Think of it!

2012 – Out with a bang! Poof! And the World ENDS!!!!

I wouldn’t put it past this year to do just that! Honestly!

Oh yeah! You might ask me…. have there only been bad moments and not one single good one that you can think of... Well… I say, when the bad and the frustrating moments outweigh the good ones by a large margin, the year is nothing but a WRETCHED YEAR!!!

Yes! There have been some great times, some good moments, some not-so-good ones, some downright nasty ones and some where I just wanted to run away and start afresh!!

I have gone through every single emotion that a person can lay his hands upon in this one year. Right from the euphoric highs to the despair-stricken lows!! I have seen it all!! And I am tired of it!! And the year is not even over dammit!!

But hope prevails!! We are getting there!!

Honestly… 2012… Just get going please!! Get out of my life!!!

I don’t want you anymore. I loathe you. Literally figuratively and however else you want to see it!!!

Just Get The Goddamn Hell Out!!!


  1. My personal view on 2012 is a complete contrast - 2012 continues to be a fabulous year filled with lots of emotions and drama making it an interesting year worth going through once again. Destiny in 2012 introduced to me the most wonderful, intelligent and exciting person - a person so familiar as if I had known that person million years. Good thoughts of that person will always be there as long as I have memory and sense. Thank God I saw this post to reflect my 2012!!! and this will be my last visit to this BLOG. Calling a person by name means that person is liked very much. There is nothing to Rant in 2012. Wishing happy moments for the rest of 2012 and great year ahead in 2013. Good Bye. - Someone you know.

  2. @ Anonymous -- Happy for you! Happy that your 2012 was loads better than mine! And I am sorry that you won't be visiting my blog anymore! I am glad you don't have anything to rant about in 2012. I have loads to rant and my blog is a space for ME to do that!
    Wishing you a very happy "rest of 2012" and an awesome 2013 ahead! :) Good luck & Godspeed!

  3. But before I leave, just want to let you know that the wondeful person I was talking about was none other than you.

  4. @Anonymous - Oh !! Now would be an appropriate time to ask.. please tell me your identity... but then I now don't know if you would still see this!! :-)

  5. I mentioned that I will not be visiting your blog, but I thought it is not a crime to visit your favourite blog one last time. I am very glad to see the curiosity with in you. Allow my expressions to stay there as it is since it came from the bottom of my heart. I hope it changes your Rant to Sweet talk for the rest of 2012 and continues in to 2013. Cheer up, put on a bright smile and continue life. All events will bring joy to you, all people will look good to you and all things will be attainable to you.
    Affirmatively this is my last visit to your blog. I will not be seeing your response. Even if you remove my expressions I will not come to know about it.
    - Someone you already know and will continue to know that someone forever..... This is for sure.

  6. I realised I used Sweet talk inappropriately and does not fit the context that I was trying to convey. My intent was for you to reduce the ranting and be happy in life.


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