Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Weverb12 - Reflect & Renew!!!

It’s time for a new beginning…!! :-) :-)

Yes the fact that it’s December has me up in high spirits… nothing to do with the holiday season really... More to do with the year ending which I have been going on and on and on to all and sundry and most of them are as sick of the year as much as I keep drilling it into them!!! And I noticed that I have been ranting quite a bit about it, thankfully before someone else pointed it out… and so, here’s to the end of the rant and the beginning of the reflections.

There’s this new thing going around the blogosphere – Weverb12 – which is basically a prompt for each day of December making you reflect on the year that’s passed by… or so I think!! I don’t know... Either ways it’s a prompt and it makes people shake that bloggers block (especially me!) and then go and make sure their blog’s alive and kicking!! And in a good way! Not in a ranting and raving sort of way!!

I missed the first 4 days so I am putting it all up here. Also I don’t know whether I am going to be interpreting the prompts the way they want me to… In any case… here goes...

Warning: This is going to be a long long post!!!

01 December 2012
Compose [CREATE]: Write a haiku for 2012 (bonus: write one for 2013)
I have absolutely no idea on how to write a haiku … but this is what 2012 is to me…

The shadows under the eyes, the pain behind the façade, the smile on the lips that never quite reaches the eyes, the look on the face that’s clouded in despair…
To say or not, to be or not … this, that, push, pull, live, exist… hard hitting choices!!!

No! I am not going to write anything for 2013 right now and jinx it…  so… 2013 will have to wait!! :-)

02 December 2012
Watch [LIVE]: What movie did you see this year that you would recommend to a friend?
Lots of movies. Good number of good movies in English, Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi. (Yup! Those are the languages that I speak!).

03 December 2012
Stay [LISTEN]: How did you stay in the moment this year?
That’s a wrong question. I did not want to stay in any moment in this year. I hate this year! If I have not made it clear already. But if I had to choose a moment, it would be with the folks, back at home in the middle of the year. I did not want to leave them for a lot of reasons. That kind of warmth can never ever ever be matched.

04 December 2012
Experiment [GROW]: What did you do in 2012 that you had never done before? Will you do it again?
Oh boy! I did a lot of things in 2012 that I hope never ever to repeat again in my life. There have been highs and lows. I want more of those HIGHS and none at all of those LOWS. And there have been these MOMENTS where you think “this is it”… I am never going to get through this but then ultimately you do. Sometimes I still wonder if this is all a dream and if I did do all this in this one year… but hey! Apparently I did! And I have survived it so far!! So what did I do??  Not for this forum that is! :-) Email me, I shall let you know! ;-)

05 December 2012
Fellowship [HOPE]: What community has engaged you most this year and what did it you get out of your participation?
I haven’t done much in terms of fellowship or community or much of any group thing this year. I have been a lousy friend and a grouchy person most of this year. But if I had to say what kept me going throughout this year, what gave me the HOPE to keep going, it has to be Family and a handful of Close Friends. I am thankful to them both just simply for the fact that they stood by me and believed in my decisions. They are my pillars. And I love them to bits.

So that’s done for the first 5 days. :-) 

PS: This is one of the posts that I really enjoyed writing!!!

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  1. Interesting series Aish! This will also ensure you do write something!!
    May be you are inspiring me to take this up now!

    And after about 3 rant posts on 2012 I am more than curious to know what was all that about 2012 and whats this new thing abt 2013 u r looking fwd to! I didn't leave this question in the prev posts coz I thought it was something very personal going by the cryptic nature of the sentences :D Anyways, whatever be it, I hope 2013 is a great year for you and your dreams!
    Personally, 2012 was one of the best years in my life so far - very very tough, but very fruitful! So I'd never hate it ;-)


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