Sunday, December 30, 2012

Weverb12 - Part III (10 days in a row!)

12 December 2012
Toss [GROW]: 2012 was the last time for ________________
For a lot of things. For feeling sorry about myself. For feeling like a failure. For feeling guilty that I did not listen to my gut for a long time. For feeling pissed off at things that I cannot control. For being morose, moody and dispassionate about things that I used to feel passionate about.

13 December 2012
Associate [LISTEN]: What blog/book/article spoke to you the most in 2012?
This might seem very trivial when you read it.
I came across IHM’sblog sometime early this year. I don’t follow a lot of articles on her blog simply for lack of interest. However I found a link to this blog on hers. I liked the style of writing. I enjoyed reading that because it was very similar to how I would think. I found out that the blog belonged to her daughter – Tejaswee. And I came across a very very sweet pic of hers. One where the photographer had caught the sun glinting off her eyes and she had this crinkly smile with a twinkle in her eyes. And then I found out she was no more. She had succumbed to dengue sometime back. I don’t know why that shook me. It was hard to believe that the girl in the picture was no more. That she was now only alive in memories.
No clichés here but I know that we would have / could have been good friends. I knew we would have gotten along well. It was numbing to think that she was no more. And I did not even know this girl. I mean I came across her blog randomly blog hopping one bored day in office.
It taught me two things.
One - Not to trivialize life. From what I read, she was this livewire who loved to live. And to the fullest. Anything else was a compromise.
Two – Everything is temporary. Even this life that we live. Especially this. Don’t take it too seriously. But make the most of the experiences it hands you.

14 December 2012
Walk [LIVE]: Describe the path to a favorite place of yours to walk in 2012. What’s meaningful about the place or the journey?
I love temples. It’s a known fact. I love the old structures, the legends associated with it, the tiny stories that only people who have grown along with the temple would know. It’s also a known fact that I am a big fan of Lord Shiva. Anything that is associated with Shiva and you have my interest right there! There’s something about this God that fascinates me to no end!!
One of the temples that we visited is the Panchanadeeswara temple in Thiruvaiyaru. That visit is something that will always stay with me.
Dedicated to Lord Shiva and Ambal, it’s a massive structure filled with Shiva Lingas.
We had the privilege of this one young man, who helped us around the temple and explained each and every small legend / significance of particular things. There are tiny spots / holes in the walls that produce echos when we shout into it. there’s also this tiny crevice which when you shout into is supposed to relieve you of all the fears and diseases (sarva roga nivarini).
I can’t express enough how much I enjoyed that visit. It was one of my most memorable experiences.

15 December 2012
Quote [GROW]: What inspirational quote would you associate with this past year for you?
I discovered Murakami just recently.
Here’s one quote of his that speaks volumes to me!! Especially for the year 2012.
          “And once the storm is over, you won’t remember how you made it through, how you managed to survive. You won’t even be sure, whether the storm is really over. But one thing is certain. When you come out of the storm, you won’t be the same person who walked in. That’s what this storm’s all about.” - Haruki Murakami

16 December 2012 
Replicate [CREATE]: What were you inspired to create/make this year based on something else? (i.e. a pin from pinterest, recipe from a friend, etc.)
This one’s a blank. Nothing at all. Nothing that I was inspired to do. 

17 December 2012
Thank [HOPE]: Write that thank you note that you’ve been meaning to send this year… or would like to send next year…
This year, all my thanks go to my folks – Dad, Mom & Achu. For their unwavering support and unflinching understanding of the situations that I have thrown them in. All through this, they only had to say – “Its your life. You decide what you think is best for you.” And for continuing to be the pillars of strength in my life.
Without them, this year would have sucked even more than it did.
For all the love, affection, support & understanding they have shown me – Thank You Amma, Appa and Achu.
I would be nothing without you guys.
Love you!

18 December 2012
Soak [LISTEN]: What have you soaked in this year? (Baths, sun, ideas?) How did it affect your mentality?
Lots of quotes. Lots of wordings. Lots of snatches of short-lived fun! But most of all, something I am truly thankful for and something that I have treasured this year…
F.R.I.E.N.D.S.H.I.P. – Something that I am truly grateful for this year. For keeping me sane. For keeping me grounded. And for telling me what it is like. Old friends & New friends – you all know if I am talking about you. I have never really appreciated the friendship that we share. I have taken it for granted a zillion times and yet you guys have come through and still stood by me. And I love you all to death for it. I have been one of the lousiest, grumpiest friends you can ever meet this year and I am sorry for all the trouble that I have given you. The random tears, the midnight calls and the long conferences. They have all helped me and you don’t know how much. I have treasured each and every moment and soaked in this wonderful friendship that I share with you all. Love you all loads.

19 December 2012
Exercise [LIVE]: How did you live actively in 2012? What will you change in 2013?
Did absolutely nothing active in 2012 except if you count in a little bit of badminton … not even regularly that too and not very good either. I am hoping to make 2013 a slightly better year in terms of exercise in terms of dancing, badminton and swimming! Fingers crossed! :)

20 December 2012
Reminisce [GROW]: What distant memory/time did you find yourself longing for in 2012?
Heading back home to the comforts of mom and dad.
Longing to be a child again and wondering why we ever had to grow up.

21 December 2012
Read [LIVE]: Did you read a book this year that left you craving more when it was over?
I read a couple of good books over this year. One was Devdutt Patnaik’s – Jaya, A retelling of The Mahabharata. Another was Steig Larsson’s – The Millennium Trilogy. Both books I thoroughly enjoyed. Hard to put them down. Oh! And also, Amish’s Shiva Trilogy. This was one series that left me craving for the last part for the better half of this year. 

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