Friday, February 5, 2016

The weekend is here! What's your plan :)

So every time I get stuck for words, or I have a writer’s block, I end up changing my template. I find that it inspires me to post something on my blog, just to mark the fact that I have changed something on the blog.

Do you like this template?  I also added a small snowflake effect to the blog. Thank you Google! I fiddled about with the code for a while on another template until I didn’t know what I did because every time I visited my blog page, it took me to an entirely new website. I don’t know how I managed doing that. So out went that template. In came this one, simple and easy to use plus I like those circle whirly designs on top. :) It’s supposed to emulate Spring. I think I liked it right there. :)

It’s the long weekend here, celebrating Chinese New Year :) and right now a 4-day long holiday sounds like bliss to me. :) I’m listening to these songs on YouTube while typing this out. I have my favourite songs on loop and on the player currently is “Ethu Kari Raavilum” from the movie Bangalore Days. Speaking of which, the Tamil remake Bangalore Naatkal is out and I am waiting to watch it this weekend as well.

Malayalam movies have come such a long way. For a cinema that used to celebrate tragedy in movies in 80s and early 90s they have sure evolved and become one of the most sought after movie industry now. I think the younger generation is playing its part quite well.

Is this post becoming too random?  I think it’s the effect of a heavy duty dinner of Fried Rice and Gobi Manchurian -  the yummiest combo ever, along with a glass of buttermilk that I just had!! :) Are you going rumbly in the tummy now as well!! ;)

I think I will put my legs up now, maybe stream a classic Malayalam / Tamil movie… I have my tub of ice-cream ready! :)

A classic Friday eve!

What are you doing tonight? :) :)

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