Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The struggle to persevere!

Day 2 and am wracking my brains on what to write. I know it’s too soon, but I totally understand how hard it is to write something and publish it on a daily basis. If I sound like a crib-pot, I am sorry but that’s not what I want this to come across as.

I have already discarded three topics, and shut down the drafts that I started penning on them. I have a few ideas that I really do want to write about, but somehow for some reason none of them are striking quite the right chord today. And now as I see the clock ticking towards the midnight deadline, I can feel the old stress creeping up. :) I promised myself that I wouldn’t get stressed for something as trivial as this, but I do need to pen down something for myself more than anything else and that’s when I realize that this isn’t as trivial as I thought it to be.

I do make it sound like a big deal, huh! :) But of course IT IS A BIG DEAL, for me!

At the beginning of the year, I made a bucket list of sorts. :) things that I wanted to accomplish this year. I think the very many trips last year had something to do with it. But I figured all is well, it’s always good to have something listed down and I have very specific goals that I want to complete this year. Some are quite simple like starting to read a new author, others not so much for eg: learning to swim!!

This blogathon is one of the things on that bucket list.

And as the years catch up on me, I find that its becoming very very hard to let go of things as easily as I could. There’s that dull prick inside of me that keeps telling me that I gave up too easily too soon. Of course, along with many things that have changed within me, this one has gotten stronger – when something means a lot to me, I don’t really give up on it, I keep coming back to it, one way or the other holding and not really letting go! :)

It makes me realize how much has changed within me over the past few years. Of how I am no longer the person I used to be. Of how my priorities have changed. Of how right now I am craving to hold on to my roots and my upbringing in a weird way that’s almost laughable. But that’s a post for another day, people!

For now, all I want to say is that, I will persevere. This is more a note to myself than to anyone else there, but it does make it sound very official and all that, now that it’s up on the blog for the entire world to see! Amps up the pressure I tell you, which is also a good thing! :)

And now for some weird reason, I have that Hum Honge Kamyaab song running in my head!

Oh well! :P

Until tomorrow... Peace out! :)

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