Monday, February 1, 2016

As far as it goes ...

There are these very few times this undeniable urge to write strikes me! Like this itch that will not go until I spill out what is in my mind.
It’s probably because of all the blog posts that I read last month and the blogathon that took place in Jan 2016. Which led me to think that I should probably do one too!! Like maybe commemorate a decade of blogging. I mean, I should have just done one along with the rest of the world last month, but the bright idea didn’t strike me until a little late into the month and therefore the spill-over into the second month of this year... I actually even thought that I should wait until September, you know the month I started blogging back in 2006. Cheesy much? :) But who has that much patience!! :) Definitely not me. :) And therefore I preponed it to this month. Also lesser number of days in Feb and all that. ;)
The funny part about this is that I do not have anything to say most of the time. Not for today, not for this week and most certainly not for this entire month. I figured I could cross that bridge when I come to it! ;). However, the even funnier part is I am the most comfortable when it comes to writing down stuff than talking it out. I have no idea why. I simply see it more coherently and clearly, when I am writing it down.
As the years roll by, I realize that I have started giving writing as much importance as I give dancing. The fact that I don’t do both as much as I would like to is something that makes me feel immensely guilty. In fact, I didn’t really realize how much I craved putting words to my thoughts until a few weeks ago when I was really stressed and I just went and got myself a notebook and pen – an impulse buy! It was when I started penning into that, I realized how much of peace it brought me.

For all that happens and has happened, I don’t know if I have started something yet again, that I cannot finish. Remember the 100 happy days’ fiasco. But right now, the important thing to me is that I have started this. I’ll let it go as long as it does. No pressure. No compulsions. Just the need to keep writing.
People unwind in different ways … vent out their emotions in various ways.
Some sleep. Some drink. Some go wild. Some go quiet. Some start to shout. And some others cry.
Me – I look for myself, I find myself and I lose myself in words. 
Sometimes my own, sometimes someone else’s.

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