Thursday, October 23, 2008

I am cold... :-(


That turned out to be quite a long post… (the previous one!)

I am drained out..! :-) But happy!

I am not sure if I captured all my thoughts on it though…

It is quite cold in office today… I mean normally in office, inside this classroom like room that we sit in (proudly called the NOC room) it is colder than normal… the AC is either high or too high… that’s probably the only two settings our office knows! Today it’s too high…

I am very sensitive to the cold… extremely… and that’s just the AC I am talking about… the fan is ok... However fast it is its fine… but the AC… Brrr.. Brr… Chatter Chatter… I cannot stand the cold… my fingers go numb, my teeth start shivering and I become as pale as a creature which has no blood… then it’s a sight… I mean I look a sight… (There go my trips to the colder countries!!)

Even on the normal sunny days outside, our office is as cold as the North Pole (and no, before you ask, I have not been to the North Pole people... I would probably become like a human icicle!!)

I crave for the sunlight like the E T in those alien movies… I need that ray of sunlight or in my case heat to function properly… makes me wonder sometimes which planet I am actually from…

And now huddled in a jacket to keep the cold (But not doing a good enough job! Darn! This stupid jacket!) I am typing away thinking of warmer climates…

Ok time for me to step out for my daily dose of sunshine…
See ya in a bit....


  1. "I have not been to the North people"
    Did u mean "I have not been to the North Pole" ?
    ( google style ;-D )
    Well, the thought takes me to my first Volvo Trip. Blr to Tvm. I specifically remember all the songs that were played (songs were from the East Coast Album 'Swantham') on the entire stretch. I was like one of those...what ws that...bicycle? icicle ? :-P

  2. @ Rat --> Wrote it in a hurry!!:-)... mistake rectified..! :)

  3. Or perhaps, the chillness took its toll into the spelling-section of the hypothalamus :-S

  4. @ Rat --> Engane manasilayi.. :-)... hehehe... hypothalamus is fine now.. will start shivering again in a couple of hours..!! AC is on Full Blast!


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