Friday, October 10, 2008

I have a question... Does someone have an answer??

What do you do when you are caught in a situation where you want to be honest to yourself and tell someone what exactly you feel but you know that if you do that you would be hurting that person real bad? Would you end up compromising on your honesty and self or would you stand up for what you feel irrespective of how the other person feels??


  1. wat i said wen i saw ur blog...
    exact problem..i nwo somebody who s really irritated me and yet i kept wuiet cos if i started id have him weeping..
    funnily i din come off feeling any better..i feel worse for it..i guess wen t matters v have to leggo..egegegegege

  2. if its somebody in the gang, i can be honest, and speak out. the gang is all fun. (and even if i tell, what u did on that day wasnt fair, he/she would laugh it off and say GTH) :D


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