Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Me, Myself and D...

Scene 1
Time: around 8:45 PM – a normal day.

is sitting and working on her laptop when D comes in.
D: Hey is that your new laptop?
Z: Umm.. Yeah I got it a couple of weeks back.
D: That’s nice… I got mine last week when I went home too.. (Beams)
Z: Oh good.. What’s your laptop configuration?
D: Uh.. I don’t know about that but it has face detection software and all that. I love it when my face gets captured on the screen. (Beams again)
Z: Oh.. Ok..! (Smiles in a constricted way)
D: By the way do you have any songs?
Z: Yeah sure.. I got some, give me your pendrive. Do you have a flash drive?
D: I don’t have a flash drive but I have a pendrive.. Is that ok?
Z: Umm… Actually D, well yeah sure, that would be fine. (Rolling eyes!)
D gives Z her pendrive, and then asks Z;
D: Are you sure you know how to use this?
Z: (weird look!) Yeah of course I do.. Everyone knows how to…
Z transfers the songs to the pendrive and gives it back to D
D: I am unable to plug this in. it’s not going in. What did you do to it?
Z : :O Excuse me, I did not do anything. It worked just fine for me now. How come it’s not working for you now?
D: I don’t know, you check!
Z: Okie show me … Gimme the pendrive.
D: yeah now let me see you do it.
Z plugs it in the USB port and says ‘There!’
D: How did you do it? I tried putting it in this slot and it did not work (pointing to the LAN port!)
Z heaves a sigh!! Phew! Rolls eyes! And says to herself… Ah Well..!!
Scene 2:
Midnight around 1:30 – 2:00 AM
D is busy standing in front of the mirror preening. Z is reading. P is sitting and chatting to D.
D: La la la la la…. La la la la la (All the while combing her hair)
D is 24 years old; same as Z and P.
D is combing her hair into two ponytails, tying them up with bright yellow rubber bands and putting green colored clips in front. D is wearing a pink color skirt, a green t-shirt and a red halter top over that.
Z: You going out somewhere or are you mad combing your hair at this time?
D: No I am not feeling sleepy and therefore just entertaining myself.
Z: Huh… entertaining yourself? Hmmm.. Ok..! (Weird look!)
D: La la la la …. La la la la…
Z: Why have you tied up your hair in yellow bands?
D: Oh! Those are to match the tiny yellow flowers at the border of my skirt.
Z goes Huh… Well… and manages a grimaced ‘Nice!’
Z: And what about the green clips?
D: Oh! They are to match my t-shirt…
Z: Phew! Okie… that’s all huh… For a minute I thought you were planning to transform into SUPER GIRL and fly out of the window!!! :P
Scene 3:
D has gone home on vacation. And P has gone with her. Z is alone in the room now.
Z is happy and relieved that there is no one to irritate her.
It is around 1:00 AM in the night.
Z gets a call. It’s D.
D: Hi Z, it is D here. Calling from the train.
Z thinks – she misses me so much!! :O
Z: Hi tell me.
D: Were you sleeping?
Z: No, I am not sleeping! (Duh! Did I not just answer the phone!??! And that too in a perfectly awake voice!!)
D: Then can you do me a favor please?
Z: … yeah what is it? (Shrugs)
D: I left my golden-colored slippers next to your cupboard. Can you just check if it is still there?
Z mutters some expletives under her breath.
(One freaking thirty at night and madame wants to know where her slippers are… and more than that she expects me to find it for her and let her know… what the fish am I? Her friggin’ servant??)
Z: No it is not there!
D: Are you sure? Did you check under the bed? What about the shoe stand? Did you check properly?
Z: Huh…! Yes I did! And it is not there!
D: Oh My God! (Sounding like Janice – Chandler’s Girlfriend in F.R.I.E.N.D.S)…. I dunno where I put it… oh god! Do you think I lost it?
Z: I don’t know! (Under her breath… I don’t care)

PS: More episodes on D and Z to follow soon.........

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