Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tool Trauma!!!

I am getting irritated… and that seems to be my constant disposition these days…

There’s this new tool that has been developed in office for tracking Action Items and Escalations and it is literally taking my life out…

I am supposed to be monitoring this tool and the entries in it for my boss and to say that it is painful would be an understatement… it is fraught with complications on who to raise it on, who has to raise it, issue status, description, resolution plan, date of expected closure, date of actual closure and etc etc…. and once I save it an auto-mailer goes… and then my boss gets bombarded with mails from people asking why, what, when, where, and how this damn thing was raised… Fantastic!And that’s not all… it also throws pop-ups like RP word limit minimum length is some 50 characters or something… the RP date and the date of expected closure should be more than the date of actual closure or whatever! Phew..!!

I wonder who had the bright idea of the tool to track this stuff… and it’s not like people are actually entering it in properly or diligently. Sadistic streak I must say! To enter one item it takes around 5-10 minutes… what is the point I do not understand other than making us lesser mortals squirm and fidget when we have to enter the damn entries….


Sometimes I hate technology!!!!

PS: No offence meant to anyone, i just hate the tool !! :-).

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