Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Wednesday - Review.

Brilliant! Mind-blowing! Superbe!

I started watching the movie with a lot of apprehensions because I did not want it to turn out to be another ‘Aamir’ (I did not like the movie!). But this one had me in its grip right from the start. It’s a wonderful movie portrayed wonderfully by wonderful people. Yeah I know that’s too many ‘wonderfuls’ but I cannot help but gush about this movie.

I loved it! Simply loved it!

Was glued to my seat all through the movie, clapped at some great scenes, echoed my approval at other scenes, and simply enjoyed the movie! Gripping!

The man who stole the show – Naseerudin Shah. Incredible acting! Subtle portrayal of an angry commoner. His acting is par excellence and his English is out of this world. Flawless! That’s one thing I look for in the movies, whenever some actor is delivering a dialogue in English I tend to listen hard for that one slight mistake or in some cases many mistakes that actors make in their diction, inflections etc. Yeah, I am a fan of the Queen’s Language.

Anupam Kher’s portrayal of the Commissioner of Police – Mumbai is also great. I actually liked him – one of the very few instances, I assure you – without his over the top acting, or shrieking dialogues. Nicely depicted the way a high authority might handle the pressure of a bomb-threat and in a much understated way. Brilliant!

Jimmy Shergill – Oh man! For once he did justice to the character and acted very well. I am actually enamored by his acting. His representation of the angry police officer was very well done!

All the other actors, even the bit actors, everybody contributed to their part and the movie is simply amazing! One movie in recent times that will defiantly make a statement.

Scenes to watch out for – Naseerudin Shah’s monologue for the last 10-15 minutes. One scene that all of us will identify with! :-)

My verdict :- Don’t miss this one!

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