Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Silence is Golden ... (sometimes!!)

She was quiet. Almost like her personality was in the silent mode like in a cell phone.

Quite contrasting to her personality! She was a chatterbox. Anyone who knew her would say that. She could go on and on and on about stuff… She would just not stop talking…

It was quite unlike her to be quiet. And even more so when there was no specific reason to it.

Nothing wrong with her mood. Everything was the same and it was quite a normal day.

Yet she was silent. And she just did not feel like talking! And she did not feel like giving an explanation as to why she was quiet. No one would understand even if they tried.

Because she did not have a reason. She just did not want to talk.

Abnormal? Unusual?


Has it ever happened to you that you just go silent? I mean even if there’s nothing wrong with you or nothing wrong with your mood! You just don’t feel like talking and least of all give anyone a specific reason as to why you are not talking!!

And then you get a hundred odd questions!
‘Why are you quiet? Is something wrong? Are you not feeling well? This is so unlike you! Is something bothering you? Did you have a fight with someone? Did someone hurt you? What happened to you?’

Whereas on a typical day it would go something like,

‘Can you just keep quiet for some time? How much you talk! Why do you keep going on and on and on… ? You are quite a chatterbox aren’t you? How come you can talk something on everything? I’ll pay you if you shut up for some time!’

Contradictory huh…!

Shows how change affects people in my opinion! Lol..!

But I have had a lot of days exactly like this…

I mean I am not always expected to be cheerful, smiling, pepped up right… I can have my off days or days when I choose to be off. Sometimes it is so weird that you don’t even have a clue as to what set you off or put you in a bad mood. And for all you know it might not be a bad mood at all…

I do not need a special reason to keep quiet. I can just go silent when I feel like and it does not taking anything from anyone, just my thoughts! But somehow people tend to perceive it as something gone wrong!

Wonder why!

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