Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Que Sera Sera...

One step forward.

Into a new realm of life.

Blissful oblivion. Or not??

That one instant when time impedes, the world falls to a still, thoughts tumble over one another to gain precedence, when your entire life flashes over in a few frames… sepia tinted edges… black and white portraits…

A spatter of sentiments, a pepper of feelings, the gloom of doom, a silver lining amidst the haze, the adulation of a lifetime, an undying rage, the peep of a droplet in the iris, a dash of laughter, a sprinkle of desire, …..

Those umpteen instances that flashes, flickers and then sputters out …. More like those crackers that we used to buy for festivals, the fizzle, the boom, and then the fading smoke…. Life was all like that right…??? Or not…??? Maybe… maybe not…

If only… then maybe… perhaps… definitely…

The difference between a rut and a grave is only its depth… So true... So poignant..

What was this for in the present situation …A rut? A grave?

A new life?

Or the entanglement of the old one?

Vestiges of an empty mind.

Ruins of a dilapidated life.

Building up from where it was left. Trudging ahead with fortitude.

Que Sera Sera…

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