Friday, November 7, 2008

Yay... I have been tagged...!! :-)... Thank you Rat!! :-)

Yay!! Yay!! I have finally been tagged.... The curse has broken :D... Now I can stop picking up random tags from people’s blogs I browse... :-)

The tag:

Two questions in each category answer them and then tag your friends from the blog-o-sphere. (Simple enough right?)

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I. Yesterday
A. Your oldest memories
› My bro’ – Achu – walking downstairs from our bedroom in the farmhouse with his tousled hair...
› Amma chasing us with a couple of books in her hand threatening us to do our homework.
› Going for a bath in the ‘parakulam’ at farmhouse with towels tied around in a kimono style... I still have photos from that time ;-)
› Walking up to the farmhouse with dad and Sahadevan – the caretaker. Falling down and hurting my knee on the jagged rock. Still have the scar to show for it.
› Going to school from the farmhouse sitting on my headmistress’ lap while the older girls poked fun... (I was 4-5 then!)
› Playing with Sergeant – our dog.
› Falling down the steps outside the KG classroom when I went to leave my bro’.... Almost like Humpty Dumpty had a great fall – Blame it on the school bag!
› Going on the bike with dad and mom – sitting almost on the petrol tank... :-)
› Listening to Thatha calling me ‘the most impertinent and arrogant girl he had ever known.’
› Listening to Thatha (this one is my mom’s dad) praising me in front of other cousins...
› Crying in school for the play they had chosen me for – to be an angel – saying I will not do it...!!
› Getting caned by the headmistress for breaking a rule... (yeah! I had an eventful childhood)
› Trying to make our pet parrot sing a Malayalam song and failing miserably in that!
› Sleeping on the long ‘oonjal’/’aatukattil’ in the farmhouse on my granddad’s lap...

Lots more.... but that will take up a post all by itself...!!!

B. What were you doing ten years ago?
› Getting geared up for Standard 10th exams listening to all those gory-stories of what would happen if I did not do well in it....
› Practicing for the tableau for the inter school district youth festival...
› Talking to Vaish for hours over the phone ...
› Various tuitions including one for Malayalam where we had to learn all those huge essays...
› Riding my bicycle at great speed on the colony roads (I had just learnt to ride it then!) and getting scolded by one of the ‘chettans’ in the colony chiding me for riding so fast...
› Hiding storybooks in the middle of the textbooks to smuggle and read it...
› Dance practices with Gopakumar sir...

II. Today
A. Your first thought in the morning
› I still have not gotten Ashwin’s wake-up call.... There’s still some more time to sleep... :-)
B. If you build a time capsule what would it contain?
› My diairies [the future should know what i was upto;-)], Lots of books that I enjoyed reading, some good A.R.Rahman music and cretain other evergreen melodies, the link to my blogs etched on a rock (Yeah I have a ‘certain high impression’ about myself! :P), photos of this time here and now!... :-)

III. Tomorrow
A. This year…

› New Job. New City. New language. New environment. New people. New lease on life.
› Trips with my gang here to Vizag, Narasapur, Hampi...
› Celebrating Anna’s birthday by organizing a surprise party for him right under his nose...
› The New Year’s at Kalyan’s place and the huge teddy he gifted me...
› Aakanksha sleeping in the nook of my arm...
› Moving out of the apartment we stayed in to a PG
› The hike and confirmation for the job I am in currently...
› Getting committed for life... :-)
› Bad experiences with a couple of people I never thought would happen...
› The fact that I realized who is who and how much of an impact someone can have on me.The fact that I came to know who I was and who I am not.

B. What do you see yourself doing 14 years from now?
› Settled for life. Good career. Kids. Family life. Still practicing Dance! :-)


  1. really enjoyed reading this :) thanks for tagging me. will take it up when i am feeling 'taggy'

  2. @ Nags --> Perfect!! You could also do it when you are struck with 'bloggers block!'.

    Love reading your blogs too :)

  3. good one.. farmhouse ennokke parayumbo... sounds like the perfect childhood days !

  4. @ Rat --> It was... Now you have given me the idea to do a separate post on 'My Childhood Days' .. :P

  5. :P
    Thanks onnum benda.. oru MO ayachaa mathi

  6. @ Rat --> Hehehe... Ayachu tharam..:P lol..!! ;)


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