Tuesday, November 10, 2009

55 Fiction has me hooked!

Okie, I have been reading about this 55-fiction thing for a long time now on my friends' blogs here and here.

I did not understand it at first, because I thought it was only about the word count. Apparently not! Wikipedia here says there are a whole lot of criteria for this sort of writing style. 

Well, ever since I read about it, I have been wanting to try it. 

And now that I have written one, I don't know if it satisfies all the criteria...

Here's my entry :-


She placed her hand on mine. I gave a shrug to shake it off.  

Two minutes later, she did it again! I glared.  

Public place, was this the way to behave?  

She took my hand and started playing with the fingers, unmindful.  

I glanced around nervous.  

But, then, well! She was a cute little baby!


Comments please!!!


  1. Don't know whether it satisfies all the criteria for 55 fiction. But, who cares as long as its worth reading... Good attempt...

  2. Your blog looks stylish. The tough part is to keep it that way. I know you can; and will.

  3. The new look is great :)I mean, the blog outlook :)

  4. Nice attempt! Keep going!
    Try reading them on the net and u wud see master pieces!

  5. Goood good..
    oraalkum koodi vattilaki..
    (ini ennaanaavo njaanum... :-D )


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