Sunday, November 29, 2009

Cocktails and Dappankoothu!!

My latest fascination is Cocktails and Dappankuthu songs. Yeah Yeah! I know they are worlds apart but don't ask me for any reasons! 

My ipod is full of dappankuthu songs and ever since I tasted the 'Singapore Sling' a couple of weeks back, I have this huge craze to start mixing cocktails.. As soon as I get the chance and money, I am going in for a bartending course, come what may!!

But for starters, how would Jal-Jeera mixed with an equal amount of Vodka poured over crushed ice and decorated with a sprig of mint leaves with salt on the rim of the glass taste?? 


  1. arinjathil vishamamundu.. epalaayirunnu ?

  2. ee vattu pidichathu epalaayirunnu ennaa choyichathu. Jeerakavum vodkayum! ithorumaathiri aluvayum chammanthiyum ennu paranja pole...

  3. Jal jeera, vodka??
    I dont know hw it wd be but it looks good..
    A very simple cocktail - Rum + Cola + lime juice..


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