Tuesday, November 3, 2009

One too many blogs!

Okie… This is the official announcement!!!

Hear! Hear!

This is to let you know that my other blog – or rather one of my other blogs – Knitted Yarn has been closed down.

I have imported the posts here into this blog.

I started that blog in the hope that I would have a lot to write and I can put my creative writing to test. But suffice to say, after 19 posts there, I have been hit by a hard case of a block. I am unable to write anything that can even remotely be called CREATIVE.

So well, I have closed down the blog and from now on whatever creative writing happens will happen here.

And anyways, I think I created one too many blogs as a friend very nicely pointed out today morning when I was chatting with him. I told him I have changed my blog’s template and asked him to check and give his opinion and he was like - WHICH OF YOUR BLOGS DO I CHECK? :P and that my friends was a reality check.

Yes Rat, I am talking about you (and am still waiting for a blog entry from your side as promised!)

So that’s that! End of story.

From now on you guys need to check and leave comments / criticisms here on this blog and my other one on random trivia. :-)

Till later, take care!

1 comment:

  1. Why don't u import ur trivia blog also? It would be nice to hv all at one place :)
    Whatever u decide, keep the enthu on and write more :) (I wish I could as well :( )


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