Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Western Yodhas and their Brilliant Choreographers. You guys ROCK!!!

There are only very few things that can get me as enthused as a great dance performance. My friends who know me well enough can vouch for this. For me, nothing else is as exciting as a stunning outstanding performance. It fills me up with this kind of excitement that anything else does not come this close. 

There are of course a lot of performances for me that stand out from the rest, both in cinema and in other programmes that I've watched. Whether its any dance programme or dance competition on television, a good performance can leave me filled with high energy for the next couple of hours and an upbeat mood. And some of the dancers who participate are truly mind-blowing. 

There's this dance show on sony television that's being telecast - Dance Premier League or DPL as its known. Six teams. Dance matches. Two big judges. Just another usual dance competition based on the format of the IPL. But there's this one team that truly stands out from the rest - The Western Yodhas. 

Seven guys. One girl. Two Brilliant choreographers. You should see these guys to believe it. 
Oh man! What a group. What a set of dancers. They are the best in the whole competition. Without a doubt. Each one of them. And that includes Vishal who is handicapped. Looking at him no one could say that he cannot hear or speak. Hats off to them. Really! These guys rock!

Here are two videos that will vouch for what I say! Just watch it and they will speak for themselves.

Harshal and Vitthal - choreographers of the Western Yodhas.

And finally the TEAM!!!

Enjoy!! :D

PS: Video courtesy: www.youtube.com

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  1. Not that the tube is blocked here, but in this recession time I must admit I'm SCARED to tube :D
    So the videos will have to wait for a couple of hours before reaching ma eyes.
    But isnt hte first video a duo (mirror) performance ? The Alaipayuthe (Saathiya) song ? I've seen that one countless num of times.

    The 2nd one is new to me. Will definitely watch and comment. I used to frequent ZeeTv Did. DPL looked a mockery to me (i watched it only for 10 mins or so). Perhaps, I need to pay more attention?


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