Tuesday, November 10, 2009

On blogging ...

A friend of mine closed down her blog last week sometime. And she was someone whose blogs I was addicted to. Her writing style apart, she had a great way of connecting with her readers. Hers was one of the blogs that I started reading when I was blog-hopping while I had nothing better to do in office and hers was the blog that I turned to when I needed a pick-me-up or just something to smile about. Of course she does not know that :-) 

So while it did not come across as a complete shock that she was planning to close down her blog, it left me with mixed feelings. I have thought about doing the same thing more often than not... and I have even written about it here and here. But I never really had the courage or the guts to close down my blog! The maximum extent I went to was to stop blogging for a while and then get back to it! 

I find it so frustrating that some people have it so easy! Really! Like they can blog about anything, in whichever way they want, unmindful of who reads it, and they care two hoots about it! I envy those people. I really do! The fact that I am unable to do so, or rather, thanks to the restrictions that I have put up for myself, thinking that the 'other person' would feel hurt while reading it, irritates me even more so! And that's when the idea of an anonymous blog appeals to me! But then I am sure even there I would end up putting myself into a corner telling myself what and how I should write something!

Is this something that most bloggers go through! Jeez! If it is, for me it takes away the whole concept of blogging, in a weird sense of course! But then, not that I am going to stop blogging... If nothing, I can vent out my frustration this way! :-)

Coming back to the point though, it did make my mood take a downward spiral when I read that there were gonna be no more posts on this blog! I just hope she blogs somewhere else - anonymous or otherwise - because like I said earlier, her style of writing is one that appeals to a whole lot of people. And its more so special to me, because, she is a friend I met through the blog world! And I am thankful to blogger for that! :-)

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  1. If we like a blog, let them know it, 'cos for me, inspiration is almost everything. I know most of my friends who read my blog, but only 1-2 takes the effort to put a comment. But when I dont see the comment for a long time, I dont feel like writing at all. But once in a while, someone sends a mail about my blog or say it when they meet me in person and that boosts my inner feeling to write something. So, make sure you let them know that you are reading their blog, or else, our favorite blogs may get closed down. :)


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