Sunday, January 12, 2014

Enid Blyton Collection #2 Five Find-outer Series!!! - Day 10 of the 100 Happy Days Challenge!! :-) :-)

I always love collecting books. The entire series. Or the boxed sets. It makes me feel nice to see them up on my bookshelf, neatly set in a row. :-) Something really really satisfying about that!! :-)

I have always wanted to have a great grand big library of all genres of books. I started reading at a very young age and from the time that I realized the importance of books in my life and the major part that they played, I was already an addicted reader. It’s one of my dreams, to have an entire room filled with books, in wooden shelves paneled along the walls, some paintings, a fireplace, comfortable reading nooks, lovely lamps and pretty lights and a big big window looking out into the mountains :D :D Vivid eh!! The only thing that has been started towards the completion of the dream… is collecting books! :D :D

To be honest, I started collecting entire sets only very recently. It did not make sense until before that as I had a few of those books in my collection already or maybe all of them bought haphazardly at various places. I remember the first boxed set, I got... Feb 2010, I had just passed my CAPM examination in Chennai, and I went along with my Anna to this book store in Spencer’s Plaza! Landmark I think!! Not sure about the bookshop!! I saw a boxed set of the TWILIGHT Series… this was the time that Twilight Saga was taking everyone and their dog over by storm and of course I wanted it! It was priced exorbitantly as boxed sets always are, and I was wondering what to do. Upon checking, I found that there was a minimal damage to the box and pointed it out to the sales guy. I think he took pity on me looking at how desperately I wanted that set, and gave it to me for a substantial discount. I was doubly happy that day! :-) :-) 

And then FLIPKART became a regular feature in my life! :D  Lots of books, lots of boxed sets, collections, etc etc.. A few months back, in SG, I found this shop that sold Enid Blytons. I literally grew up with Malory Towers, St.Clares, Secret Seven, Famous Five, Five Find-outers etc… But I never had the entire set… New goal in place! Buy the entire set, whenever I find the opportunity to do so! :D :D So I got Malory Towers at first… And then today, after a couple of months, I saw that he had the Five Find-outer series in stock… Picked ‘em up.. Smiling with glee.. :D :D :D Utter happiness I tell you! :D :D 

Voila!! :D :D  My goal is being reached one collection at a time…

“...there are so many books left to read.
For that reason alone it is worth going on living.
Books make me happy; they help me escape from reality.”
― FĂ©lix J. Palma

And for those who are reading this and have a generous and kind heart as well as a big pocket… My wish list is as follows: :P :P  
The Entire Harry Potter Boxed Set… The Entire Calvin And Hobbes Set…The Entire James Bond Set…
And many many more… but these are the top 3… Take your pick.. and I will be eternally grateful and loyal to you… ;-) ;-) :P 

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