Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Cuddle, Snuggle, Nuzzle and Huddle - Day 5 of the 100 Happy Days Challenge!! :-) :-)

I am running late on my post for Day 5 people…
This has been such a long day and its only Tuesday…
It has been a very hectic day so far and all I really really want to do is just to go home and curl up on my bed with a good book and one of my trusted companions…
Unfortunately, you can’t take your pick from the lot below, but I can and that’s the good part… the best part is that this is only half my stash and the other half is at India, at my room… under my stern instructions and mom’s watchful care!! :-) :-)
And also, this is where you go awww…. :-D :-D
Because nothing else according to me screams Cute, Adorable, Fluffy and Cuddly all at the same time… :-) :-)
Yep! Welcome to my other world…
Happiness to me is snuggling up against one of them; burrowing my head into their squishy-squashy fur and imagining that I am back home, with the family… this is what happens when I start missing my folks too much… ;-) ;-)
And before I end up sounding all maudlin and mushy…
Meet my troopers, my security blankets, my warmth-giving companions and the receivers of my endless hugs!! :-) :-)
"In a world where everyone seems to be larger and louder than yourself,
it is very comforting to have a small, quiet companion."
-Peter Gray

Cuddly and warm, these calming creatures reassure me in the days;
When fears fly before reason and the world loom bleak instead of beautiful.
The Teddy Bear, all things to all ages... symbol that all is right with the world if one only believes.

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  1. Disha..will be your follower I guess...she has quite a collection already :)


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