Friday, January 10, 2014

Shot of Caffeine!! - Day 7 of the 100 Happy Days Challenge :-) :-)

I come from a family of strict filter-coffee drinkers… none of that instant coffee for us!! So much so that if we miss our morning shot of caffeine, you can be sure to find a grouchy lot in us!! Doomed are those days when the milk-man fails to deliver the packets of milk!!!

But however, here in Singapore, I am an avid tea-drinker. The lack of good coffee powder (in the ratio of 70:30 or 80:20 the 30/20 being chicory) and the sad thing that gets churned out in the name of filter kaapi has turned me into a staunch tea-loyalist. If I am at home for the entire day, I end up drinking at least 3-4 cups during the day! But the story is different if I am out roaming about somewhere. In that case I prefer a good cappuccino with no sugar! Yep! I am quite choosy when it comes to beverages… I don’t like my coffee with sugar, I prefer the bitter after-taste and I only like authentic Indian chai made with milk and very less of sugar. Added advantage if its Masala Chai and even better when it is raining outside… :D :D

So then you may have figured out by now that I have ended up tasting the ‘cappuccino’ from all possible coffee chains. Some make it strong, some make it light, some have too much froth and very less coffee and the others are just plain shoddy. And then this friend introduced me to BLACK – a coffee chain in Singapore that hands down makes the best coffee ever! I loved their cappuccino. It was just PERFECT for me. I was so happy. And I even took my friends along to introduce them to the finest coffee that SG had… until the chain closed down! :-/ Imagine my consternation!! Yeah! I know you think that I am being over-dramatic and all that, but I reiterate, I am very particular when it comes to my beverages! :P :P And there’s a point to this verbose I am subjecting you to, I promise!! :D 

So where was I??  Yeah! BLACK closed down and I then found another shop close to my new office, called JAMAICA BLUE which served pretty good cappuccinos. So there, I was ok, for the time being! :P Until, on one of my evening jaunts through the CBD here, I saw this outlet of BLACK.. :D :D  Yippee!! Familiar signboard! Familiar taste! Saved I thought, and then fate steps in again and they move my office location to one of the suburbs here… :-( !!! It was almost like I wasn’t meant to have BLACK’s coffee!! :-/ :-/ I found a coffee place at the new location and was beginning to be content with it, snatching one-off cups of BLACK whenever I came to CBD area… And that’s when it happened today morning!! I was at CBD for an early morning meeting and I was simply salivating at the prospect of enjoying that delicious coffee served at BLACK’s and what do I see?? That outlet has shut down too… leaving me all sad and down! I was moping around looking for another alternative (I needed my morning shot of caffeine!!), when I came across this outlet or Oriole tucked away in the lobby of the building. With not much hope, I went in and picked up a cappuccino to go. I really needed my morning shot of caffeine as I was en route becoming a grumpy soul!!! :-s

Must say, I was pleasantly surprised. It was no BLACK, but it was darn good. In fact, it was way better than I expected it to be. Savored the flavorsome aromas!! Enjoyed every sip of it and basked in the essences of it!! Coffee bean smell is something that gives me quite a kick!! :D :D Delightful!!

Here’s a shot for you! :-) :-)

“As long as there was coffee in the world, how bad could things be?”
― Cassandra Clare, City of Ashes

PS: I was so dumb that i deleted this post by mistake and had to repost this.. :( :( Stoopid Me! :-/

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