Thursday, January 16, 2014

Dragon Slayer :-) :-) - Day 14 of the 100 Happy Days Challenge!! :-) :-)

You know what the toughest things about doing challenges like these are! :-)

It’s very very hard to be happy every day. And by that I mean, not just being happy, but finding out what makes you happy every day. Discovering what ticks you off and then also observing what turns your mood right up!!

It was such a bad day today. Not bad in terms of work. I got quite a bit of work done. It was just hectic. So HECTIC that all I had for lunch was a packet of chips and a coffee. I had so much to do and so little time that I was exhausted by the end of it. Usually if I am busy at work, I am quite happy. I like that all-important feeling of being busy and sitting and finishing something up. But today was just bad. The energy meter was down and out running in the negatives and I was simply zoned out by evening. Add to it, it is THAT TIME of the month and you know how cranky we folks are around this time!

I was super cranky, touchy and irritable, pissed off at everything … and I didn't find someone to vent it out on. And I had this waxing appointment to keep. Yes prettification of the human body and all that!!  S yeah.. where was I? Waxing.. do you know how painful that is? Extremely! And when you are touchy and irritable like I was, make it EXTREMELY x 100 times. I was wincing and ooohhing all through the appointment and in the middle of all that, to distract myself, I started pinging this friend of mine. And venting out to him. Yes. Go ahead. Call him the scapegoat. Either-ways, I told him I was super-pissed and cranky. And somehow the conversation veered to smiling and stuff, and I asked him to give me something to be happy about. I actually challenged him!! And he got onto it. :) :)

Did I tell you this guy is an awesome artist… I didn’t? Ok! Here’s a sample…

This one’s just for me... but you can ask him to make you smile too ;-) :-)

“Fairy tales are more than true:
Not because they tell us that dragons exist,
But because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.”
― Neil Gaiman

Thank you so much for making me smile when I said that I was down and out... 

Thank you so much for making my day loads better when I challenged you to give me something to be happy about ... :-) :-) 

Little things like these hold so much more meaning than all the treasures in the world ... !! :-) :-) 

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