Thursday, June 19, 2008

Blast from the past!!!!

You know what...
I was reading through my old posts and well I have just one word for it … CRASS!
The language is so pitiable… the words used are so sad… I felt really ashamed of it…
Well not really ashamed… but more or less felt a little embarrassed reading them!! Hmm..
Not that I am not proud of them but just that well.. whatever!!
Lol..! its okie I guess… I guess the style matures as and when and more you write... ;-)
I like my current style a lot better than the earlier one! :-)
Style has definitely improved!! :P ( I say so myself!!.. Since no one else does!!)


  1. Noting like that! Its just your feeling! My fave posting of yours has been the older one actually. ;) Both are good man- different styles, thats all!

  2. Can't comment much on style change..
    But, I definitely like the flow of ur posts...Must say, u r quite articulate :)

  3. @ Vaish... Hey sweetie.. thanks
    :-)... tat made me feel good ;-).. and what happened to u.. why r u lagging behind in posting??

  4. @ Silence Killed --> Thank you

  5. I still tend to believe the backdrop doesnt allow longer reading hours (oh well, make that minutes) :-)

  6. @ Rat--> well why not!!??! do u want me to change the background?? :-)... its a little hurting on the eyes na.. but better than the lime green i liked! :P


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