Monday, June 16, 2008

Help me... :-(

I changed the template to layout in blogger…

I was quite impressed and proud of myself with the changes until I wanted to do a bit of writing..!!

And to my dismay found that the shortcuts for formatting are missing/not working… Shucks!!!
And suddenly I don’t like this new blog layout…

I want my old one back… and I tried to change it… Revert back to my classic template… it did change back…

But without the formatting options… :-(

Now what am I supposed to do… Tried figuring out how to get it back but…. :-( :-( :-(

Someone please help me!!!

Shucks! I am not even able to “Justify (Ctrl+J)” this…!!! …

Help me……….


  1. Giv me your username/pswd !

  2. @ Rat --> what'll u do with it?? :)

  3. By all chances, the username/passwd would be common across multiple accounts (by human nature). So I can hack into your bank account and make some money.
    Coming to business, I could try troubleshooting! (Blogger code eyuthiyathu njaanum ente ammaavanum koodi irunnaanallo!!)

  4. @ Rat --> Njan code trouble shoot cheyyan noki... oru difference-um illa.. :-(... shall send u the p/w.


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