Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Serial Killing....

When I was back in college doing my masters, we had a course called SAPG (Self Awareness and Personal Growth)… which basically dealt with the various ways to improve our personality and cope up with the stressful ways of the corporate world… whatever! But when we were doing that course we also had to do a presentation on something… some random topic… and my group’s chosen topic was Serial Killers… ‘coz that was the time the Noida killings were in the news and all that… anyways… the presentation went off well, was well appreciated and it was quite an entertaining topic if I say so myself…

During the past few weeks, I have been subjected to another kind of “Serial Killers”…. An assortment of teary-eyed emotionally filled serials on television which have been running for as long as I can remember…

These days in the PG once I am back from work, I plonk myself on the sofa and am a spectator to the various ways in which the mother-in-laws plot against daughters-in-laws, the kind uncles who help the unsuspecting nieces, the sisters-in-law plotting against each other… phew!! I haven’t even started on the rest of them…

As far as I can remember, the ‘K’ serials started when I was back in the 11th standard… and back then the protagonists were young, cherubic, and without-a-care-in-the-world prancing about in big cars and all that jazz… nowadays they have almost become like a walking-talking-half-an-hour advertisement for the jewels (I shall break my neck if I get another gram of gold on me!!!), intricate saris (the longer the length of the sari, the smaller the blouse!!), make up (it’ll probably take me 5 hours after the shoot to get this goo off my face but I will still put it on!!) and flashy luxuries… Now forget the ‘K’ serials… there are other killers starting with the rest of all the alphabets (as they were all feeling left behind!!) :P

It’s quite fascinating to see how the same storyline gets twisted in the various mega-serials that are being telecast…. More often than not, it’s actually the same character that’s playing similar roles in 2 different serials… saves time I say! With the amount of dialogues and body language that one has to take care of… the pout, the stare, the glare and the killer look..!! Oh btw, how can I forget the music that plays in the background when the negative character comes into camera frame!!! Funny!!

But to say the least… you know what the best part is…

Watch the serial after a gap of six - seven months… you’ll still be able to understand the story-line… it just does not MOVE… save for the entry of a few NEW characters… because by the time each scene is played-replayed-shot from various angles-and played with and without background music-etc etc… I am tired now!! The weddings take eons to get over… the ‘bidaai’ is another 2 episodes in itself, and don’t even talk about the death scenes and the ones after that!!!

Phew!! I rest my case!! This is the most effective form of killing that I have come across… slow, merciless (the emotions displayed in the serial are the ones they suck from us watching it!), painless (oh! Sometimes painful too – to watch it!), but steady…. A steady dose of addiction…that kills you slowly..!!

The new adage called SERIAL KILLING…..


  1. TV's, these days, give good exercise to your thumb... (as though the nokia's and ericsson's are not enuff!)

  2. Well written and crisp post :) Enjoyed reading this!

  3. @ Vaish, Rat and Soo --> Thank u thank u...!!!:-)


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