Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A day at office - I

Ever tried booking a meeting that your boss wanted you to..?!?!!

Chances are that you’d have exhausted all the swear words you knew…

It always goes on these same lines…
“Aishwarya, book a meeting with 6 ports for today evening at 7:00PM with US Dial in …”

(Ten minutes later; after the meeting has been booked)

“Aishu, there’s a slight change. The meeting is from 5:30PM. Make sure that it’s changed.”

(After another five minutes)

“Ma’am we need it to be 12 ports for the same meeting id. Just get it done ASAP.”

(Yet another two minutes)

“Aishwarya, The timing for today’s meeting is from 6:30 and extend it by 2 hrs please.”

By this time you are mumbling under your breath and you vaguely have a feeling of smoke coming out of your ears and your head throbbing… This is apart from the rants and ravings of the Meetings management team …

I mean you keep changing it, they are bound to snap back at you…. Right?!!!?!

And at the end of all this…

“Aishu, that meeting got cancelled. Just cancel the ports please.” (Oh this time we have a please!!!

Sometimes I wonder why I like this job so much!!! :O

Beats me!!!


  1. Raapchick.. padh ke mazaa aa gaya...

  2. The most recent one I got shot at "We may need to re-schedule the tour dates". I smiled back, and in the end, went on the same planned date. At times, I do more bossing around, than my boss himself :D

  3. @ Rat --> I can Imagine...!! :)...


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