Friday, June 27, 2008

The Idiot-Box surfaces again!!!!

I seem to be venting out my frustration on the shows on TV these past few days… but I am unable to hold it in as well because of the trash that they dish out these days in the form of news…

Zillions of news channels these days… the count increasing by the day… regional, national, local, etc etc… and what do they show??

A famous actresses’ house warming function… (Like I am bothered!!! And plus the pujari who came to do the puja has to give an interview as well… of course it’s mandatory!! What r u talking??!?!)

A mockery of a murder that took place recently…. (This one has more twists and turns and suspects than any other crime story I’ve come across in recent times… No substantial news.. The same hashed up version of parroting the old news over and again…)

Which actor is currently seeing which actress?? How and where do they meet?? (Yeah… they have to try and evade the paparazzi just to ‘by chance’ fall in front of them… feeding the rumor mills so that the show ratings/publicity can still stay alive barely….)

Which actor is participating in which reality show… who won what n which competition?? (Yup… you should see the kind of questions they ask on reality shows these days…!!! Phew!! The ways people can take home riches these days….)

Interviews on which show is the best and why… a post-mortem on the rest of the shows that are done and dusted?? (That serial was sooooo much better than the current one or the sequel to it… obviously because that had better looking saris and jewels in it… and the plots.. they were mind-blowing!!)

What happened to all the relevant news that used to be shown?? What is rationale of knowing what is happening in which celebrity’s life and whose dog is named what?? What is intention of the newsreaders when they say “Here in the next few minutes you will witness the cat-fight between 2 popular actresses from the television fraternity…blah…blah…blah…!” BAH!!!

People I know who were addicted to watching the news on television promptly at 9:00 PM or 8:30 PM or whenever it was being shown prefer to browse online for the news… or read the papers… (That’s another story all by itself)…

Is this because of lack of relevance in the information that’s shown tagged under a term called ‘advent of technology’? Oh..or maybe I am the one who’s unable to understand the trends in the bulletins and broadcasts… its probably supposed to infuse people and help them empathize/sympathize/swoon over/go green about/ other people’s lives… it’s perhaps supposed to instill them with a sense of camaraderie …. (My Foot!... eye-rolling, sarcastic, I-don’t-believe-this smiley!!)

This is not against all news channels as the readers may think… but against a few of them who in the name of information dish out humbug…!!!! (That’s the disclaimer!!)


  1. just chill madam,
    wen newschannel wale don't think about u. they dnt bother u, y r u tkng so much tension/frustration for them. jst enjoy..

  2. @ sharad --> Good point pal.. shall keep that in mind the next time i watch the idiot-box ;-)

  3. 2 points...
    1. I ws waken up at 8, a lil earlier than normal by ToI canvassers.
    Which paper hav u subscribed to, sir?
    -wanted to ask "Are you blind? Cant u see The Hindu at the doorstep?" But i said "The Hindu"
    Sir, y dont u try ToI for a month?
    -"Is it free for a month?"
    No sir, but we have more than 30 pages every day
    -"Yes, more pages, more masala, less news!"
    No sir, we now put more news....
    -NOw what does that mean?! Anyways I said I have no plans, and said 'Thank You, bye bye'

    2. Munnar. Day 1. Bed Time. 3 in a room. Guy1 still on TV. Star News. Brad and I slipping into sleep. Suddenly this loud shouting voice "KYUN GAYE THEY CBI JAIL MEIN?! KYA HAI US MOBILE MEIN?". Brad jerked out of his bed eyes wide open, only to find, it was the hot(?!!) murder case of that now infamous kid being discussed.

  4. Phewwww...hehehehhee..i guess that says t all...aithoooooooooooooooooooo


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