Monday, June 16, 2008

The Green-Eyed Monster

The green-eyed monster seems to be raking up its head quite often in my life these days…and it brings along with it its many relatives; like gloom, wrath, hopelessness, etc ...

Very vague feeling of being deprived of something!!! And not being able to figure out what exactly it is!!!....

Hate it when I don’t get the attention I deserve especially from my loved ones…

Of course I am sensible enough to understand that it is not their fault as such… but then I am not mature enough to control the feelings… and then I behave like how small kids do… sullen, quiet, moody, forlorn, throwing tantrums (the word used for adults here
is ‘showing attitude’)…

And sometimes those unwanted tears comes out unwillingly, involuntarily, grudgingly… as much as I try to hold them back in, it trickles out ….

Is being possessive a bad thing? I do not think so… people don’t agree do they?!?!!

Being possessive translates to them as restraining, curtailing…. Being possessive translates to me as to how much that person means to me and how fond I am of them!!!

What is the big deal if you are possessive…? I am very possessive of my bunch… my family, friends, things that I own…

Why do people think that being possessive is being selfish… wrong notion … that’s not what it is..!!!

Anyways… this’ll keep going on..!!!

Just one of those days..!!


  1. If you possess it, then y on earth do u need to be possessive ?!! Think over it.. (Even I'm thinking over it.. What a stupid line that was! )

  2. Well, my father's golden rule..
    "Even this shall pass away.."
    Hope, this phase is over for you soon :)


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