Friday, June 6, 2008

It's a JUNGLE out there!!!

Suddenly they seem to be never ending…

And these woes are not just specific work woes or anything… it’s related to people and their attitudes…

How does one tell someone that you have had enough of listening to them brag about what they did in school and how they came first in all classes right from school life till graduation….

How does one tell someone that you are not really interested in knowing about their family history….

How does one tell someone that no matter what opinion he has on someone/something, it differs from yours and that you are not actually keen on justifying to him that you are entitled to your opinion….

Childish man… people are actually silly… Fine you go on and on about something over and again in front of the same crowd irrespective of whether you have said it before to the same set of people… Dude… There’s a limit yaar… seriously… think about it… What difference is it going to make to my life how you fooled a specific person or made them accept your opinion or what you did in a particular situation… Of course I am interested to know how you handled it ONCE; not to a tune of FIVE times… This kind normally starts their topic with “When I was in the …..” statement… it actually is a monologue, not a dialogue ….

And then there’s this other kind… who actually call you for each and every aspect of the work that they are doing… validate, re-validate, change the font, change the color, validate again, proof-read it some 10 times, check grammar, check spelling, gosh! And all this for a simple three line mail… Jeez…!!! It does not matter whether you have any work to do… this kind normally starts with a “What are you doing?” question ….

Have you come across this special set that is thrust into the family way and then whatever they do, say, act, behave, depends on their better half… but this is a very miniscule part of the entire crowd and they are actually better to be with than the afore-mentioned ones… But no one is actually interested in knowing how your spouse treated you when you were sick, how they behaved with you when office pressure got to them etc…. Whew!

There’s another type that I have noticed… the idealistic ones… how everything in their life has to be perfect and utopian… and how they have their own principles and rules etc… well... this type also spew out philosophy once in a while and they talk of stuff as to how to behave ideally in a situation and what is to be done… huh.. Please huh..!!! There’s no such thing as an ideal way to handle a situation as far as I know… jeez…! The ideas that people come up with… and sometimes in life it pays to be selfish, pitiless, self-important, egoistic, and competitive… not everything in life is so rosy… and if you have it you flaunt it…!!

I am done!!!

I can’t write more… I mean I think I will lose it if I start thinking of more kinds of people… there are a lot of breeds of creatures around and well… it’s a catch 22 situation… a classic “what-will-people-think-of-this-thing-I-‘ve-come-out-with”????!!!

Anyways… Am done…!

And I again repeat… no offence meant to anyone… I am just venting out my frustration…!!!

Sometimes it just gets to you…..

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