Friday, June 20, 2008

Office Phenomenons!!!!

When you work in a corporate environment, you get to hear some common words and phrases used in meetings and in your normal conversations…

And somewhere by chance, when you talk to people outside your workplace, those phrases involuntarily find a place in your exchanges…

Like these days when I do not want to discuss something with my parents, I just say “Can we take this up later??”:P

Or when someone calls up and you are unable to talk then – “I shall get back to you!!”

Yesterday when we were in the midst of looking at the snaps of our recent trip to Hampi, my colleague asked me to put it into the share drive and I replied saying - ”Is it ok if we can consolidate it and send it to everyone at one go, instead of sharing it in bits and pieces??” (The key word here is CONSOLIDATE in case you did not get it ;-) )

When you are not in a mood to talk and when you really do not want to discuss this at all at any point of time, most commonly what we use is - “Shall we take this offline??” (the offline time of course never arrives!!)

The most common way of evading a person is - “I am in a meeting!! I shall call you up later” :-)

When you do not know the answer but still want to give a good impression to the person you are talking to - “We are still working on it. We shall look into it and get back to you ASAP.” . (ASAP here means As Slowly As Possible)

Boy!! We find so many of these in our daily lives that it’s become so normal and if we don’t hear those “phrases” we feel weird..!! :-)

Heheheeh…!! It’s quite funny when you think of it… at one point of time, I used to think of people who used to use these kinds of phrases as “showing off” or “Attitude” or something!! But now when I listen to myself using it I feel it just gets into your blood… I mean it comes quite naturally because you hear it so many times during the day….

Lol… on that note “I shall get back to you ASAP”


  1. My family makes fun of me, bcoz I use "issue" in place of "problem" :)

  2. @ Silence Killed --> Trust me! i know how that feels.. the first time i told my mom 'can we take this up later' she was like 'r u kidding me??!?!'.. :-)

  3. Yeah, I know it sounds wierd when u send ur fotos of a trip to ur dad and write in ur mail "PFA the fotos of the trip to blah-blah-blah" ..!!! :))

  4. @ Soorya --> hehehe... tell me abt it..! ;-)

  5. At where I work, as long as you dont talk to higher higher-ups, its all college lingo :-P
    Things like wazzup, hey dude, hello fellow and the likes :D
    But come meetings, and the jargons come pouring - cumulative weekly productivity, critical to quality, performance compounding metrics. Where am I ?

  6. @ Rat--> i swear!! we have those jargons at our meetings also and a few more!! ;-) that i will write in another blog post! :P


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