Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The perfect date....

Had this discussion with my friend yesterday about what a perfect date should be like.… :-)

Interesting topic of debate right!!

Of course it varies from people to people… but for those who have been fed on a constant diet of M&B’s, Danielle Steele, and whole lot of other romantic authors, it always mostly has these few must-haves in them…

A black gown which the lady will be wearing, the guy in a tuxedo, he draws to her doorstep in a limousine, with a bunch of flowers (red roses, white lilies, whatever!), and of course a box of expensive chocolates (Belgian if possible!),… he rings the doorbell… the girl comes down a long stairway, her gown billowing behind her… she looks breath-taking!... he hands over the flowers and chocolates, and whispers to her how good she is looking..., she blushes, he smiles… he takes her by her hand, leads her to the limo and seats her… taps the glass in between them and the driver and nods perceptibly… (It’s all pre-planned, you see ;-) )…. They drive to a great restaurant that has a good food, good music and great service… the maitre d’ meets them at the door, guides them to their table and discreetly leaves them there… the table is beautifully set with candles and flowers.. there’s soft music playing in the background and the man shows his lady to the chair… no sooner than they have been seated, he motions the head waiter and asks him to serve the wine… it’s sparkling champagne… the lady is floored.. she takes a sip of the sparkling drink, when the guy asks her to dance… they musicians start playing a soft romantic ballad and the man with the lady in his arms, start swaying to the music, all the while whispering sweet-nothings into her ear… now the proposal part can come in at two different scenes.. she can either find the ring in her champagne and then start looking amazed - surprised – stunned like she never expected it in her wildest dreams … or he can in the middle of the dance go down on one knee and bring out the ring with a flourish… :-)… and then once the lady has said yes and the entire restaurant has clapped and the weak-hearted ladies have shed a few tears of joy..(Bravo! Bravo!)… The evening ends with a walk on the beach or snuggling into each others’ arms or just going home for coffee… yes... I am sure those who have been brought up on staple romantic books will know what that meant…

Well no sooner than I had said this, my friend’s eyes glazed over and she had a look on her face reminiscent of the one I have when I see a dark chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup… then I started on what’s below!!!

Now imagine on the flip side what all can go wrong here… the chic lady can trip on her long gown and fall down the stairs following which the guy has to take her to the hospital, she might be allergic to that particular brand of chocolates or those set of flowers or worse still the guy’s perfume, the limo has had a flat tire, or the restaurant has not taken their reservation… hehehee… I can just imagine! Lol... such a lot of things that can go wrong... Hmmm… The opportunities are endless… bizarre but interesting all the same!

She got annoyed man..!!... and so annoyed that she said I have no feelings or emotional sensitivity to speak of… but why in God’s name did she get offended I don’t understand…!!?!?!!

No one has a sense of humor these days… :P


  1. Good one!
    Yes, even I experienced at certain occasion, that people get offended if you make fun of something romantic ;)

  2. @ Silencekilled :- thank u.. :) how did ya come by my blog?

  3. My Pleasure...
    I came through Ratheesh's blog...

  4. @ Silencekilled --> Oh cool..!!
    :-).. thanks anyways


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